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Piero Pelizzaro

Head of the National Building Innovation Hub


Global urban resilience specialist of leading Italian Smart City projects and an advisor to the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition

Piero has 14 years of experience in climate change policies and urban resilience planning. Currently he is the Director of the Officina per la Rigenerazione dell’Immobile Pubblico at Agenzia del Demanio. Over the last years he has been appointed as Head of the Europe and International Relation Department at the City of Bologna and as Chief Resilience Officer at the City of Milan.  He is an advisor of the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition for the National Adaptation Plan to Climate Change.

In recent years was the Co-Founder of Climalia, a specialised consulting company providing climate services in Italy, where he operates as Resilience Specialist. Piero was an Acclimatise Associate and researcher at the Planning Climate Change Unit at IUAV Venice.
Piero is a member of the SISC Italian Society for Climate Science and European Commission Mayors Adapt Practitioners Work Group.
He further specialised in Urban Resilience, Environmental Economic Accounting, Energy Scenario and Climate Change Impact Models through his working experience at the Stockholm Environment Institute – Tallinn Office. In past years he collaborated with EU MP, Umberto Guidoni.
He writes for different specialised magazines and web-portals on climate change issues.

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