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Petr Hlavácek

Deputy Mayor

Czech Republic

Leading the areas of architecture, development, and city planning for the 10th Most Sustainable City in Europe

Professional career:

  1. Education:
    • 1985: Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Czech Technical University in Prague
  2. Employment in significant positions:
    • 1987-1991: City of Prague Construction Planning Institute, Alpha Studio
    • 1991: Co-founder of studio R.U.A. with Hana Seho-Münzová
    • 1993: Visiting professor at University of Michigan College of Architecture
    • 2009: Founder of studio Architekti Headhand along with wife Magdalena
    • 2015-2016: Director of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR)
    • Since 2018: City of Prague Representative for the group United Forces for Prague
    • 2018-2022: 1st Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague for Territorial Development
    • Since 2023: Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague for Territorial and Strategic Development
  3. Significant projects:
    • Founding of Prague Development Company (PDS) in 2019
    • Collaboration on reacting to the new draft Building Act on behalf of major cities
    • Collaboration with Central Bohemian Region on the Metropolitan Region
    • Work on the Prague Metropolitan Plan (MPP)
    • Approval of the Methodology for Investor Involvement by the Prague City Assembly
    • Amendments to the Prague Building Regulations, unlocking brownfields
    • Efforts to build a Vltava Philharmonic
  4. Buildings:
    • Accommodation facilities for the Czech Academy of Sciences Library in Jenštejn, 2011
    • U Michelského mlýna apartment building, Prague-Michle, 2005
    • Renovation of Czech Embassy in Brazil, 2010
  5. Awards:
    • 2018: Finalist nomination for Architect of the Year 2018
    • June 2023: Honorary Award of the Czech Chamber of Architects


  • Teaching at the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague since 1990
  • Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University for Development in the years 2010–2015
  • Chair of the IPR General Council
  • Juror for urban planning and architectural competitions
  • Active involvement in promoting the development of the City of Prague
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