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Jan Vapaavuori
Jan Vapaavuori

Jan Vapaavuori

Former Mayor of Helsinki & Executive Chairman for Neighborhood Development


Member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council and championed Helsinki as the “most functional city in the world”

Jan Vapaavuori is the Executive Chairman for Neighborhood Development at Urban Partners, the largest real estate investor and developer in the Nordics. He is the former Mayor of Helsinki (2017-2021) and has previously served as the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank in Luxemburg (2015-2017), Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs (2012-2015), Minister of Housing and Urban Planning (2007-2011), and Member of the Finnish Parliament (2003-2015).

Mr. Vapaavuori has a keen interest in global urban affairs and he participates actively in numerous international platforms. He currently serves at the Bloomberg New Economy Cities Council and is an active lecturer and advisor on urban leadership and urban development related topics. Additionally, Mr. Vapaavuori serves as the President of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

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