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Baharash Bagherian
Baharash Bagherian

Baharash Bagherian



Master planner of creating net zero cities for 150,000 residents in the Middle East – pushing the boundaries of urban design

Baharash Bagherian is the CEO of URB and has masterminded designs of various sustainable cities currently under construction. As a visionary changemaker, Baharash Bagherian founded URB with a sense of purpose to accelerate the world’s transition towards sustainable developments. He leads URB to develop the highest standards of sustainable destinations, through his unique expertise as well as sustainability know-how. He also heads the world’s first urban tech incubator for sustainable cities, which aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem of innovators, whilst investing in start-ups that are solving critical challenges related to urbanization & climate change.

Baharash Bagherian is also the author of ‘Human Centric Urban Innovations’. His book provides unique blueprints of the next generation of sustainable cities, as well as the types of assets and infrastructures required to create such human centric cities. His book will inspire anyone interested in urban planning to rethink our approach to designing new cities, whilst also regenerating our existing built environments.

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